Keyboard Shortcuts for MT4 Floating Charts

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You can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform tasks with MT4 Floating Charts. This section lists the default shortcut keys and behavior.

Every default shortcut is a 2-key combination, beginning with the control key (CTRL), which must be pressed and released before pressing the second key in the combo. The CTRL key enters the shortcut context while the second key triggers the action. The second key must be pressed within 5 seconds of releasing the CTRL key. If you don't like the default press and release behavior and/or wish to change the key combinations, please read the knowledgebase article on Hot Key Remapping.

Shortcut Keys for MT4 Floating Charts

Key Combination Action Window Context
CTRL + F FLOAT MetaTrader 4
CTRL + Backspace UNFLOAT ALL MetaTrader 4, Undocked Chart
CTRL + Return FLOAT ALL MetaTrader 4
CTRL + X Re-dock single chart Undocked Chart
CTRL + P Push Back Undocked Chart
CTRL + 1/2/3/4 Snap chart to screen quadrant 1, 2, 3, or 4 Undocked Chart

Additionally, you can double right click on the top window border of a floating chart to toggle (show/hide) the toolbar. This only applies in the default mode (Minimal Mode DISABLED).