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The MT4 Floating Charts options can be accessed via the Options menu (please refer to Using MT4 Floating Charts for access information).
Fc Options.png

By default, ALL options are enabled EXCEPT for Minimal mode.

Run on Windows startup
Start MT4 Floating Charts automatically when your computer starts.
Automatic updates
Automatically check for updates when the program starts.
Toolbars (Sub Menu)
Select which toolbars to include on floating charts.
Line Studies
The toolbar containing the cursor and drawing tools (e.g., trend line, horizontal line, vertical line, etc.).
The toolbar containing the chart type buttons (bar/candle/line), zoom in/out, etc.
The toolbar containing the timeframe buttons (e.g., M1, M5, etc.).
The toolbar containing custom buttons to access additional MT4 Floating Charts features.
Minimal Mode
Exclude the toolbars from all floating charts. Enabling this will override any selection under Toolbars.
Save Locations
Automatically save and restore the positions of floating charts on your monitors.
Reset saved locations (Command)
Delete all chart position data used by the Save locations feature.