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Startup conflict with the FXDD version of MT4 Floating Charts


You have FXDD - MT4 Floating Charts installed on your computer and when you try to open the regular version of MT4 Floating Charts, you receive a message that MT4 Floating Charts is already running. This error message may also occur on Windows start up.


By default, both versions of the software run on Windows start up and FXDD - MT4 Floating Charts starts before the regular version. Only one instance of MT4 Floating Charts is allowed, so the regular version does not start because the FXDD version is already running.


There are three options to resolve this issue (ONLY SELECT ONE):

  1. Exit FXDD - MT4 Floating Charts before running the regular MT4 Floating Charts
  2. Remove FXDD - MT4 Floating Charts from startup. Please see How can I stop Floating Charts from starting when my computer starts? for instructions
  3. Exit and uninstall FXDD - MT4 Floating Charts


The regular version of MT4 Floating Charts encompasses all the features of a broker version without the platform restriction. Therefore, if you have a license for MT4 Floating Charts, there is no need to keep the broker version and option #3 is your best option.

 Last updated Sun, May 25 2014

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