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Hot Key Remapping (v2.5.0+)

This article applies to MT4 Floating Charts version 2.5.0 and above. In order for the methods and scripts mentioned in this article to work properly, you must enable DLL imports in MetaTrader 4. Go to Tools>Options>Expert Advisors, check the box next to Allow DLL imports, and press OK.

The software has built-in keyboard shortcuts that are 2-key combinations, starting with the control CTRL key. You must press and release the CTRL key before pressing the second key in the combination. You can change the key combinations and change the press and release behavior to a more typical hot key.

This method will leverage MetaTrader 4's built-in functionality. Download MT4 Floating Charts Extensions and follow the installation instructions on that page. Once installed, find the scripts in the MT4 Navigator window under under Scripts > FloatingCharts > extensions > builtins. Once located, you can proceed to setting the new hot key:

  1. Find a script you want to set a hotkey for (e.g., FC_FLOAT);
  2. Right click on it and select Set hotkey;
  3. Assign the new key combination by setting the Control and Key fields;
  4. Click on the Set button;
  5. Click Close;
  6. Test your new hot key.

Note: The naming convention for core commands is FC_%COMMAND%, where %COMMAND% is the command that the script will execute. The naming convention for floating chart custom toolbar commands is FC_%Command%. Notice the difference in case.

 Last updated Sun, Oct 25 2015

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