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MetaTrader 4 is running slow, freezing, crashing, and/or hogging resources

This article is a general article for troubleshooting issues with MetaTrader 4 and is not specific to MT4 Floating Charts. There are a plethora of things that can cause MetaTrader 4 to behave abnormally. The following steps can help diagnose the issue you may be experiencing. If one step does not help, then proceed to the next step.

Scan your system for viruses and other malware

This one is self explanatory.

Test for issues with external MetaTrader 4 plugins

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of any external plugins. MT4 Floating Charts version info can be found here: and the latest version and be downloaded from the home page.
  2. Exit MT4 Floating Charts (if running) and/or any other MetaTrader 4 plugins that run from an external program. If this fixes the issue, start each plugin one by one until the issue reoccurs. If the issue does reoccur, note the plugin, but do not assume this plugin is the issue yet.
  3. Exit all plugins again and start the suspect plugin in isolation. If the issues does NOT continue, then the problem is a conflict between plugins. Further testing can pinpoint the two plugins with a conflict. You should report the conflict to both plugin vendors.

Test for issues related to anti-virus/anti-spyware software

  1. [optional, but recommended] Close all open programs.
  2. [optional, but recommended] Disconnect from the internet.
  3. Disable anti-virus or any other security software.
  4. Start MetaTrader 4 and test for the problem. If this resolves the issue, try adding MetaTrader 4 and any external plugins to your anti-virus safe list. Re-enable and test again.
  5. Remember to re-enable your security software when done.

Test for issues with MetaTrader 4 installation and profile

Download and install a demo MetaTrader 4 from any broker that you are NOT currently using. Does the issue persist on the fresh installation? If not, one or more of the following are possible issues with your problem installation:

1. Your MT4 profile is corrupted or an indicator, script, or EA is causing an issue. To test for this, please follow these steps:

  1. Switch to a clean MT4 profile (File > Profiles > Select on your do not use or open one and save profile as TEST).
  2. Delete all the charts in TEST profile.
  3. Add a couple of charts with NO indicators or expert advisors.
  4. Does the problem persist on the TEST profile? If this fixed the issue, then you should take inventory of the indicators, EAs, etc. on the problem profile and add them one by one to the TEST profile. If one of the indicators or EAs causes the problem, you now know the cause of the issue. If you add all the indicators and EAs and the issue does not reoccur, then you should try to replicate the problem profile setup on TEST (same charts, templates, etc.). This will fix the issue if the problem profile is corrupted. If the issue reoccurs at some point, then your setup (indicators and EAs you use, number of charts, etc.) may just be too heavy.
2. Your MT4 installation may be corrupted. Try reinstalling the problematic installation of MetaTrader.

Test for issues with your operating system and hardware

Hardware or OS issues are usually accompanied by other problems, not just MetaTrader 4. If you computer is running abnormally (e.g., other software problems), then we recommend these tests. Otherwise, they are probably unnecessary. At the very least, you may want do the first test for good measure.

  • Test Windows for issues by running the System File Checker tool:
  • Check for driver issues using the Device Manager (please use google as we cannot explain everything here)
  • Check for hard drive errors. Google Windows disk error checking
  • Test your memory with memtest86 (google it).

 Last updated Sat, Jan 30 2016

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