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Floating chart positions are not saving/restoring

Assuming you have not disabled the save location feature, please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of MT4 Floating Charts installed. Please refer to the Release Notes for current version info and Using MT4 Floating Charts for info about finding out what version you have installed. If you need to install the latest version, you can download it from the home page.
  2. Ensure that the chart sync scripts are installed in MetaTrader 4. Open MT4 and in the navigation window (where your Expert Advisors, Indicators, and Scripts are located), under the Scripts section, check that FC_ChartSyncAll and FC_ChartSyncSingle are listed. If they are not listed, you can download and install them manually. Please refer to Chart Sync Module for instructions.
  3. Ensure that Allow DLL imports is enabled in MT4's options. Please refer to Finishing Up Installation for instructions.

If you have done the above and your charts still are not saving, please note the following

  1. When you start MetaTrader, the chart identifiers are not synced until three things happen:
    1. MetaTrader 4 finishes initializing
    2. MT4 Floating Charts attaches to MT4 (just click the Window menu/once you see FLOAT/FLOAT ALL/UNFLOAT ALL)
    3. 0.5 seconds have passed since #2 occurred.
  2. If you use the window snap buttons, there is sometimes a strange issue where the position does not actually change until you move the chart with the mouse. This is a technical issue with the Win32 API that we are working on. Resolved as of version 3.0.0
  3. It may take several seconds for MetaTrader 4 to fully initialize on start up and after switching profiles. If charts are floated before MT4 is fully initialized, charts will not sync properly. You can manually verify that syncing has completed by checking under the Experts tab for the message "[INFO] Sync data initialized!"
  4. If a chart is running a script that infinitely loops, it may not be able to send MT4 Floating Charts its id because MT4 can only run one script at a time. This really depends on the timing of things.
  5. Try resetting save locations:

 Last updated Wed, Sep 28 2016

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